Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A True Friend!!

Hi All...As you know I was having a HUGE amount of trouble with my blog. So, I turned to one of my friends Cindy, whom I met on Life on the Scrapbeach, and she advised me that my title of my blog and my domain were two different names. I needed to change my domain from my old name to the new one, and IT WORKED!!! YEAH!!!!
I want to take this opportunity to thank "my friend" Cindy for taking time out of her busy schedule and answering my questions! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!
I can't thank her enough!!! Now, my next BIG favor to ask her do I change my YouTube name to match my blog name!! LOL
I guess I need to learn more about computers since I want to decorate it, and make it look beautiful!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi All..I am still trying to figure out why my blog is not working. I am getting so frustrated!! If anyone knows what I am doing wrong can you please leave me a message!!

Have a great day!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hi All...It has been crazy over here!! I have the March Mini Swap, 2 Tag Swaps, one with Arlene & the other with Cara. Then, I signed up for the March Bottle Swap with Yolanda(Yoliebean), the ATC Card Swap with Hope, Paper Swap with Carol, made a dedication page for Somer Thompson,making goodie bags for some new friends....then decided to swap some die-cuts with four ladies from the Scrapbeach. OMG!!! What did I get myself into?? But, it's all GOOD STRESS!! And ALL of these packages will be sent out on this coming Friday!! HOPEFULLY, I will have EVERY project completed!! Wish me LUCK!!

Have a great day,

Friday, March 19, 2010

What a day....

I just received my mini from Cindy my February Swap Partner from Life on the Scrapbeach. OMG!!!! It is truly amazing!!! She dedicated the mini not only to my family, but made special pages in memory of my beloved mother who passed away from Lymphoma 20 years today.I am overwhelmed with emotions!! She is a very talented lady with the BIGGEST, MOST KINDEST HEART!!! Cindy has become not only my swap partner, but a NEW FRIEND!!!

Have a great day!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Starting Fresh!!

Hi All. So, I've decided to change my blog name to one that really fits me. I'm a lot more comfortable with the new name..MichelleLuvs2Scrap. That's exactly how I feel these days. I am very content crafting and learning from all of you. I am going to take some chances by trying new techniques and getting out of my comfort zone. I just want to thank ALL of you!! You inspire me to become a better crafter and more confident within myself.