Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A True Friend!!

Hi All...As you know I was having a HUGE amount of trouble with my blog. So, I turned to one of my friends Cindy, whom I met on Life on the Scrapbeach, and she advised me that my title of my blog and my domain were two different names. I needed to change my domain from my old name to the new one, and IT WORKED!!! YEAH!!!!
I want to take this opportunity to thank "my friend" Cindy for taking time out of her busy schedule and answering my questions! I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!
I can't thank her enough!!! Now, my next BIG favor to ask her do I change my YouTube name to match my blog name!! LOL
I guess I need to learn more about computers since I want to decorate it, and make it look beautiful!!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


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